Test pictures Canon 5D mark iv

Since September 2016 I’m the proud owner of a Canon EOS 5D mark iv…

My expectations were high: what would be the results? On September 10th 2016 I woke up early to be outside at the first light. It would be a sunny day, so I wanted to shoot before the sun was shining too powerful. I wanted to test the noise, iso-values and sharpness.

I took all pictures below with a Canon 500 mm-lens (type ii) and a 1.4 extender (type iii) from a monopod tripod. I noticed the camera was faster than the former 5D (mark iii): it takes seven instead of six frames per second. The autofocus is fast and accurate, so that’s even better than the former 5D (mark iii)! There is a high percentage of sharp pictures.

All photos below were taken in jpg (why jpg?). Please don’t analyse the composition and creativity of the pictures, since in this case it’s all about the noise, iso-values and sharpness. First there is always a 1/1 crop from a part of the picture, saved at quality 8 jpg and second there is always a reduction of the total picture to 1024 pixels wide (just after-sharpened and saved on quality 8 jpg).

I see some noise at the pictures with high iso-values (but the amount of noise is still acceptable). The picture is ‘quiet’ and colourfast. The sharpness is beautiful. 

The first picture was taken at iso 1600, the second at iso 2500 and the last at iso 5000.

_Z9A0383.JPG _Z9A0383_1.jpg _Z9A0389.JPG

_Z9A0389_1.jpg _Z9A0401.JPG _Z9A0401_1.jpg

Again these pictures were taken at 1600, 2500 and 5000 iso.
_Z9A0424.JPG _Z9A0424_1.jpg _Z9A0437.JPG

_Z9A0437_1.jpg _Z9A0446.JPG _Z9A0446_1.jpg


The first two pictures were taken at iso 2000 and the last picture was taken at iso 2500.

_Z9A0605.JPG _Z9A0605_1.jpg _Z9A0606.JPG

_Z9A0606_1.jpg _Z9A0968.JPG _Z9A0968_1.jpg

I took this grebe underexposed (1 stop) at iso 2000. The swon was also underexposed (2,3 stop and 2,7 stop) at iso 3200.
_Z9A0679.JPG _Z9A0679_1.jpg _Z9A0747.JPG

_Z9A0747_1.jpg _Z9A0749.JPG _Z9A0749_1.jpg

_Z9A0775.JPG _Z9A0775_1.jpg _Z9A0812.JPG

_Z9A0812_1.jpg _Z9A0835.JPG _Z9A0835_1.jpg

Flying birds at iso 2500. This is the complete series of the Greylag Goose (there is no one left out). All photos are pretty sharp.
_Z9A0957.JPG _Z9A0957_1.jpg _Z9A1055.JPG

_Z9A1055_1.jpg _Z9A1056.JPG _Z9A1056_1.jpg

_Z9A1057.JPG _Z9A1057_1.jpg _Z9A1058.JPG

_Z9A1058_1.jpg _Z9A1059.JPG _Z9A1059_1.jpg

_Z9A1060.JPG _Z9A1060_1.jpg _Z9A1061.JPG

_Z9A1061_1.jpg _Z9A1062.JPG _Z9A1062_1.jpg

_Z9A1063.JPG _Z9A1063_1.jpg

Backlight pictures of a Pheasant. These pictures were overexposed (2/3 stop), except for the first two pictures.
_Z9A1118.JPG _Z9A1118_1.jpg _Z9A1124.JPG

_Z9A1124_1.jpg _Z9A1176.JPG _Z9A1176_1.jpg

_Z9A1180.JPG _Z9A1180_1.jpg _Z9A1240.JPG

_Z9A1240_1.jpg _Z9A1270.JPG _Z9A1270_1.jpg

_Z9A1299.JPG _Z9A1299_1.jpg

Blue Heron in the sun. The picture was taken at iso 2500, underexposed (2,7 stop).
_Z9A1341.JPG _Z9A1341_1.jpg _Z9A1361.JPG

_Z9A1361_1.jpg _Z9A1372.JPG _Z9A1372_1.jpg