Coues’s Arctic Redpoll, Arnhem, February 2018

A Coues’s Arctic Redpoll is staying in Arnhem, the Netherlands for a few weeks (February 2018). The bird joints a group of approximately 30 Mealy Redpolls…

Like all redpolls, this group was very tame and approachable. In my opinion this Coues’s Arctic Redpoll is not a ‘classic’ Hoary Redpoll. The bill of this adult male is quite large for a Coues’s Arctic Redpoll. Beside this, the bird has a too much pink on his face. Last but not least there is a lack of a pale edge above his bill and his red forehead. Despite of this, I believe this bird is still a Coues’s Arctic Redpoll, but not a ‘classic’ one. Mealy Redpolls and Coues’s Arctic Redpolls are close related to each other and perhaps there are individuals with intermediate features…

Grote barmsijs 18 R9A1617

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Witstuitbarmsijs 18 Z9A5200

Witstuitbarmsijs 18 Z9A5747

Witstuitbarmsijs 18 Z9A5442     Witstuitbarmsijs 18 Z9A5384

Witstuitbarmsijs 18 Z9A6052     Witstuitbarmsijs 18 Z9A6238

Witstuitbarmsijs 18 Z9A5273
One narrow (grey) dark shaft on longest undertail-coverts

Grote barmsijs 18 Z9A6609
Adult male Mealy Redpoll