Bullfinches in Sweden

In March, 2018 I visited northern Sweden for a week. My main target was to photograph Bullfinches...

When it just started to thaw in the Netherlands, I left for Skellefteå via Stockholm. There the hides of Conny Lundstöm and his wife Catharina hopefully will give me the opportunity to photograph Bullfinches. We will see!

Sunday March 4th
Conny brought me to the hide early in the morning. On our way we saw a male Capercaillie. What a perfect start of the day! The hide (two by two meters) is high enough to stand and I became quite happy by the presence of a heater! During the day it’s snowing now and then, the temperature is minus nine degrees Celsius. I saw some Crested Tits and Willow Tits and an estimated amount of ten Bullfinches. What beautiful birds! I took already some nice pictures during this first day.

Zweden 18 R9A2381

Chris 18 R9A2193     Goudvink 18 Z9A1796

Goudvink 18 R9A2314

Goudvink 18 Z9A1938     Goudvink 18 Z9A2569

Goudvink 18 Z9A2693     Goudvink 18 Z9A2687

Goudvink 18 Z9A3286

Kuifmees 18 Z9A1584     Matkop 18 Z9A2119

Monday March 5th
I started the day early; by 6:00h I was already sitting in the Golden Eagle hide, together with Gert Hilbink from the Netherlands. The temperature outside was minus 15 degrees Celsius, the light conditions for shooting were good. I’m here to photograph Bullfinches, but I also liked to take pictures of the Golden Eagles that ate the bait. Beautiful birds! We were picked up by Conny at 17:15h.

Vlaamse gaai 18 Z9A3892

Goudvink 18 Z9A3846     Goudvink 18 Z9A4003

Goudvink 18 Z9A5082     Vlaamse gaai 18 Z9A3929

Goudvink 18 Z9A3900

Zweden 18 R9A2412

Tuesday March 6th
Gert and I talked about birds and birdwatching and we also took some nice pictures of Bullfinches and Golden Eagles.

Goudvink 18 Z9A6323

Vlaamse gaai 18 Z9A6314     Vlaamse gaai 18 Z9A6981

Koolmees 18 Z9A6797

Steenarend 18 Z9A6721    Zweden 18 R9A2453

Steenarend 18 Z9A7633    Steenarend 18 Z9A7718

Steenarend 18 Z9A7869     Steenarend 18 Z9A7891

Zweden 18 5123     Zweden 18 5138

Wednesday March 7th
We sat in the Golden Eagle hide for the last time. Already at 6:30h a Golden Eagle came foraging. A Fox was eating the meat, so we had the opportunity to take nice pictures. In the afternoon we saw two White-headed Long-tailed Tit. A couple of eagles arrived in front of the hide around 16:00h to have their meal. They fight together and are often close. Even Conny Lundstöm couldn’t explain this behaviour. Even being a couple, these birds normally keep their distance from each other.

Vos 18 Z9A8169

Goudvink 18 Z9A8095     Steenarend 18 R9A2616

Steenarend 18 R9A3115     Steenarend 18 R9A2926

Steenarend 18 Z9A8617    Zweden 18 Z9A8621

Thursday March 8th
The temperature outside was minus 13 degrees Celsius, but fortunately there is a heater in the hide. I tried to shoot Bullfinches with a wide-angle lens and a remote control. There were many birds, but during the morning no Bullfinches appeared in front of my wide-angle lens. Finally, I managed to take some nice pictures of Bullfinch in its surroundings!

Goudvink 18 Z9A8960

Goudvink 18 Z9A8687     Koolmees 18 Z9A8763

Friday March 9th
Without any delay I arrived at Schiphol Airport at 6 pm. Again, a beautiful trip had come to an end!